Ben Davenport Band – Slow Start

The Ben Davenport Band have released their album Slow Start.

And I venture to say it doesn’t start slow. It begins with Hell of a Day, which deceivingly begins with a restrained acoustic strumming, then blows you away with a “Heeya!” and then crank up their cowboy country rock. It follows with Ain’t Lovin’ Me, which has the narrator feeling rejected by his significant other. Airport Livin’ is next has them regretting having to leave their gal to travel. This segues into Don’t Know, slowing it down a bit. Ball Drop comes in on the fifth track, another slower acoustic song.

Railroad Night, the sixth track, has Matt Wayne tagging along. You Think I Need You brings us back around to that cowboy country rock and some slick lyrics where the narrator confesses how delighted they will be when the woman they are singing about realizes they will want him back. Next we have 12 Pack and the truth that beer is more important than drama.

The ninth track, Ol’ Ghost of You, takes us on a nostalgic walk through memories of lost loved ones. My Ode to Billy Joe comes in on number 10, a poem dedicated to Billy Joe Shaver. Next is Slow Start, a song about hell raisin’ and not doing it half-ass. Number 12 comes Ridin’ Alone, which is aptly titles with its lonesome, sorrowful sound. Last, we have When You Go, an excellent song about mortality and life.

There has been a lot of talk from other bloggers and artists that want to bash the new Southern Music Scene artists, one going as far as saying nothing good has come out this year. The Ben Davenport Band is one of the bands that contradict that notion. Slow Start delivers on the litmus test of a good Southern Music Scene album, from those cry in your beer honky tonk sad songs (Don’t Know) to hard hitting Southern Rock (Airport Livin’). With some cleanly written, provocative lyrics and excellent music that straddles the fence of country & rock, The Ben Davenport Band kicks you in the ass and then asks to drink a beer with you afterward. You can head over to Itunes and download it yourself.