Dexateens – Sunsphere EP

Alabama’s Dexateens have released their new EP Sunsphere.

Dexateens Sunsphere

And boy how. This EP will melt your face off. What I hear is that they  recorded this wonderful collection of songs in 2009 and that its a precursor to a full length album, Teenage Hallelujah, coming next year. I hadn’t heard of these guys until someone from a local Texas band posted something about them, but its never too late to join in(hangs head in shame).

We start out with Sunsphere, a short history lesson lyrics packed in a 3 minute song with excellent hard rocking. Next, they keep marching with the Punk style stomper, Come on Strong, tearing through some Chuck Berry-esque guitar licks. For the third songs, Calico, the band slows it down, with a subdued bass drum keeping beat to lonely piano pecking. The song’s subject matter is interesting, about a failed prospector lamenting on his failures because of a greedy heart. Next, the album keeps barreling through with Constantine which they tear through like Blue Oyster Cult on Godzilla. They make the story of a 4th century emperor fun, for sure.

Vengeance kills it with California Stoner Rock-like grooves and some Allman Brothers style Southern Rock peppered in for good measure. Foxhole Rock tears it up next with a country twanged garage jam. Broken Objects breaks out the folk. Do The Crawl rounds out the album, a slick rocker.

Though I am a fairly new to the Dexateens, this is a solid EP that tosses you around and finds you jamming. I’ll be flipping through the rest of these guys discography. They’re been around since ’98 and have five other albums and another one to be released next year. These guys have clever lyrics and subject matter and a style thats plucked from a different era. Below is the link to listen to them on Spotify, but I believe they have a vinyl version for sale.