Getting Fired Up at Firefly Stage

Down 35W is the Firefly Stage, nestled in the small town of Grandview, TX.

Not far from the hustle of the big cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, a small community gathers for a wild night of Texas Country with Clay Thrash and Charlie Robison. Grandview may not even register on your map as you’re cruising down that highway, but take the exit and mosey downtown to a premiere outdoor music venue. I made my way down there a few weeks back to check it out. Surprised by the half hour it took me to get there from my home (near the Stockyards).

As the sun sets in the west, those usually blinding rays of sun are held at bay by the large building adjacent to the Firefly Stage. Two large gas torches adorn either side of the stage while strands of twinkling lights crisscross above your head  giving you the right amount of lighting. Before the stage is a vast stained concrete dance floor so people can do their boot scooting.

My favorite attribute of the Firefly Stage is that its very kid friendly. I love being able to bring my daughter to a show so she can be exposed to the great music that the Southern Music Scene has to offer, and not just what pops up on MTV.