In The Studio | Boone Cook and The Remains

Boone Cook and The Remains are cutting a new album at Fort Worth Sound.

I had the joy of meeting up with them as they were finishing up the details on their upcoming 2014 album. This will be the first full length album for The Remains and from what I heard – as they plucked strings and twisted knobs trying to make a perfect track – the album will be awesome. It was my first time at Fort Worth Sound, so I was quite nervous meeting Bart Rose and checking out the facility. I have heard wonderful things about the studio from several artists, including Tori Martin & TC Fambro (and an upcoming Rusty Brothers On The Road!).

When I arrived, Hunter Brinson, the lead guitar player, and Bart where already locked in on their work while the rest of the band sat back drinking cold ones watching these men work. They were on their second day of finishing the guitar tracks. Much of the album had already been done a few months prior. When they say they’re jokers they aren’t kidding. From the moment I got to Fort Worth Sound they had me laughing.

After shadowing them for the afternoon and interviewing them, I packed my stuff and was about to head out the door they all thanked me and said they want me to come do an On The Road with them! Score. The Remains are incredible, they joked and made me feel at home within their group. Within the Southern Music Scene, egos sometimes edge out humility, but Boone Cook and The Remains were down home and genuine. I look forward to hearing this album and maybe reviewing it next year! Get out and support these guys at their shows.