John David Kent – Before the Sun Comes Up

John David Kent released Before the Sun Comes Up today.

Sure, you probably already knew that. Originally slated for August, Before the Sun Comes Up was pushed back due to JDK inking a deal with a new distribution deal with Thirty Tigers. Now, on this first day of October, we finally have the ability to listen to the whole album.

Its very much a mainstream country album, starting with Country Twang and ending with the first single Until We Turn Around. There are a lot of bands that sputter with their second effort, but with JDK being a veteran of the music industry he has carved out his space in the Texas Country scene and nestled in comfortably. The album kicks off with Country Twang, a spiritual sequel to his My Girl song, which he sings about a girl in cowboy boots and a little red dress that parties hard and matches you beer for beer. Next is the title track, Before the Sun Comes Up, which paints the imagery of bonfires and country road cruising. Fight for You, the third song, he lets his significant other that their relationship feels so right he won’t let her go.

Little Less Lonely has JDK convincing someone to share the night, even for one night, so they don’t have to be alone. The fifth track, Leaving Without You, he wants to bolt for somewhere new but not without his loved one. Next, Last Call brings the more mainstream stylings, about trucks and honkytonks. Struck a Nerve, he croons about the surprise and impact of a new relationship. Should’ve Just Let Me Go has a girl that doesn’t know when to quit him. The ninth track, Free to Drive, JDK reminisces about youth, your first set of wheels and the freedom that comes with it. Last track, Until We Turn Around,  another song about cruising and the freedom it brings, leaving the world behind for a short moment.

Before the Sun Comes Up is impressive, and will shine within his career in the Texas Country Scene. I love how it has an Eddie Money quality to it(hate mail can be sent to @therealdjdugan), especially on Leaving Without You. John David Kent has one of the best voices in the scene, and he writes beautiful songs that straddle the fence of Texas Red Dirt traditions and mainstream Nashville country sounds. Below you can listen to Before the Sun Comes Up on Spotify, but go out on itunes or amazon and pick this up.

John David Kent