Josh Abbott Releases She Will Be Free Trailer

Josh Abbott released the trailer for his film She Will Be Free.

WTF? Josh Abbott is doing a movie? Is it a music video? Is it the apocalypse? Who knows, I just want to know how’s his acting chops. On a scale of George Strait in Pure Country to Tim McGraw on Friday Night Lights, how well will he do? From the trailer alone, I give him a Dwight Yoakum in Crank.

Josh Abbott She Will Be FreeWTF?

Truthfully though, I feel there should be more movie action among the Southern Music Scene. I have a script for a movie that stars Rich O’Toole in a Judd Apatow-like Rom-Com about a taco truck proprietor who becomes obsessed with a female Food Critic who gives him a negative review. Lots of foodie talk, red wine and big butts. Maybe some marijuana & jalapeño references. Yeah.

TacoTruckWhy the Hell Not?

Or maybe one of my other ideas. How about a tale of mistaken identity that includes the awesomeness that is The Rankin Twins. One is a country girl on vacation to the big city, the other is a rich girl in debt running from bad guys with guns. After a chance encounter and a little kidnapping, they become friends and get the drop on the bad guys with some Cowboy wisdom. Its a million dollar idea.

rankinHell Yeah.

Just a thought.