Kylie Rae Harris – Taking it Back

Kylie Rae Harris’s new EP Taking it Back is out.

Kylie Rae Harris

If you haven’t had a chance to check her out, head on over to her website. You may have already seen her in the docu-series Troubadour, TX and already know she’s a great musician.

Taking it Back is honest and simple. Its not overdone in anyway. Along with other great Texas Female songwriters like Charla Corn, Kylie is proving that Texas Country and Red Dirt isn’t just a boy’s club. The album starts off with Waiting, a mournful, gospel-like song that showcases Kylie’s superb singing voice. It segues to Revelation and Sly Alligator, both of which add different sounds than typical country songs. Revelation is more indie rock while Sly Alligator adds a touch of New Orleans Jazz with a horn section, but still is grounded in a Southern Rock vibe.

Kylie Rae Harris

I’d Rather Be Lonely, the fourth track, returns to the country. It reminds me a lot of another Texas female songwriter, Bonnie Bishop. Very heartfelt and cuts like a knife. Sticks and Stones, the next track, is more pop-ish and seems to be a good contender for a radio single. Last is Slide Over, a bluesy song with a lot of groove.

Kylie has really outdone herself here, showcasing her wide variety of inspirations and styles she totally nails. I look forward to spinning this EP on my iPod, as should you. Below you can take it for a test spin.

Kylie Rae Harris