Watch Josh Abbott’s She Will Be Free

She Will Be Free posted today to!

If you are uninformed about this, check out the last post we did on it. The director of the video, Evan Kaufmann, seems interested in my movie ideas.

Trust me, I have a million of them, but thats for another post. Josh Abbott’s relations have been drugged and forced into sex slavery, and with his Mama with days to live, our hero sets off to find her. And boy, does he find her. Because, you know, she will be free.

¬†Pretty swanky video, JAB. I do believe there would be some issues involving the police at some point hindering Mr. Abbott’s family reunion at the end. Oh well, Mr. Abbott is a cowboy. So, what do you think? Do you see Josh having a future acting? Maybe in a action thriller? I know what my Dad would say:

JAB_McCloudDamn Fine Moustache.

Yeah, he would think Josh Abbott could pull off playing McCloud, the US Marshall from Taos, New Mexico transplanted in New York City. Start writing your letters to NBC, guys. Maybe we can even get them to spin off a Matt Houston show.

o'toole_houstonNot as Cool Moustache.

Poor Rich O’Toole. I bet he sees this and thinks “WTF Man.”