Shooter Jennings forms Black Country Rock Record Label

Shooter Jennings forms Black Country Rock, four albums to be released.

Waylon’s son has been busy. He’s constantly touring, cutting new records and DJing a popular SiriusXM radio show. Hell, he even put out a short film to coincide with his last release, The Other Life. Now he has formed a multi-format recording label. The email that Southern Music Scene received states “BCR does not discriminate against formats and will release music, film and other creative projects by way of vinyl, compact disc, cassette tape, digital download, DVD, VHS and more.”

Way to go Shooter Jennings. With more and more people requesting their music on older formats (vinyl record sales are up for the first time in almost 20 years), he is reaffirming his position as a Southern Music Scene radical. Starting November 26th, four albums will be released in a variety of formats, including a remastering of Waylon Jennings 1996 album Right For The Time (Remembered). The next two albums will be live albums: The Other Live, Shooter’s second live album which will be released on translucent blue vinyl and cassette, and Jessi Colter’s Live from Cain’s Ballroom, which will be her first live album released. All of this will be followed up with a Mystery Release that includes “a dreadful collaborative single A/B side from three unexpected artists”. You can find out more about these releases here! And just for the fun of it, I included this psychedelic Gif!

shooter jennings