Mark McKinney – Standing My Ground

Mark McKinney’s newest album, Standing My Ground, is now available.

Working and traveling have been paying off for this Texas artist. Not only did he cut this record, but he has been touring the Southern Music Scene pretty nonstop.

Standing My Ground starts of with the Honky Tonkin’ anthem Lonely Bones, in which Mark travels around the Lone Star state trying to outrun a heartbreak while drinking whiskey till he’s gone & broke. Next, we have Maybe We Should , he gets a little fresh telling someone they should be his lover. I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying that. I believe Mark may be able to get away with it, but not you. The song, though, is a nice Americana romp with lots of acoustic strumming. Diggin My Grave follows with the spirit of Johnny Cash guiding it.

Stolen Cash, the fourth track,a night of falling in love is compared to spending stolen cash. Which I would have a hard time with because if I stole some cash I would feel really guilty, and that would put a damper on the mood. But they don’t really steal any cash in the song, they just have some fun and go to the beach and get sand in their cracks. The Rant comes in next, in which Mark wants you to come back from the Dark Side, though I’m not sure as to what he views as the dark side. He mentions Buddha. Given Up On Giving Up, the fifth track, has Mark trying to make up with his significant other. Finely crafted song.

She Ain’t Leavin’ has Bri Bagwell backing up Mark on the seventh track, singing about how he may be broke but she will stick with him. Next is Chance with You, which should conjure up memories of those bonfire parties and hooking up in high school. Pretty Little Mess has Mark’s children making a cameo. Rounding out the album is The United State of Texas, in which Mark paints a picturesque view of Texas.

Standing My Ground is one hell of an album and look forward to more coming our way. Below you can check it out before you buy it on Spotify.