Uncle Lucius Knows Soul

Why aren’t you listening to Uncle Lucius?

Yeah, so would I. Go ahead and listen to these guys, because they’re Southern Music Scene stars. Seeing this unique Austin band perform live can only be described as a spiritual ascendence. Barefoot and dancing like a shaman with a tambourine is lead singer Kevin Galloway, pumping up the audience with one of the best voices in the Southern Music Scene. Rounding out the rest of the band is Hal Vorpahl playing bass, Mike Carpenter tearing it up on lead guitar, Josh Greco on drums with that giant white-boy ‘fro and Jon Grossman on tickling the keys. I had the pleasure to check these guys out live while shooting our On The Road series featuring Folk Family Revival in Houston at The Warehouse Live and Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth. Be sure to check their website for frequent tour updates!

This group of guys are so good, I just had to do Top 5 on Spotify, Uncle Lucius style. Below are some sweet gifs and the five top listened to songs on Spotify.

1. Keeping The Wolves Away


2. Liquor Store


3. Pocket Full of Misery


4. Ain’t It The Same


5. Set Ourselves Free

Uncle Lucius